Scaleform Question

Hey Guys
As for a while i have been searching that if it is possible to use scaleform menu and hud in UE4 but I wasn’t able to fine any solution… So i just wanna ask is that can we use scaleform menu in UE4 and if yes can i know how should i use it… Is it same as in UDK or in different way.

Scaleform isnt integrated into UE4 as it was in UDK. So you’ll have to contact Scaleform then get a license and help on integration from them. I really dont think you need Scaleform anymore though, since we have UMG and it is being improved constantly.

+1 to that one. Scaleform is not needed anymore.

I already got the scaleform for UE4 from Autodesk but idk how should i use it for UE4

Well, looking at the forums this is the only thread that may be helpful:

Other than that you can start a new thread for help in the forums, or ask help from Autodesk.