Scale of a pawn (drone) and the associated ramifications

FPV racing drones are in the ballpark of 25cm x 25cm x 10cm. If my pawn is going to be one of these drones, would i do it in true 1:1 scale (i.e. drone is 25uu x 25uu x 10uu), and model the world also to 1:1 scale, or should i scale up the drone so it is closer to the standard 180uu pawn size (and scale up the world by the same factor)?

The reason i am asking this is because other similar posts say that if your pawn is too small then things like collisions, shadows, and physics don’t work as good, and being a physics based flying drone, i want physics and collision to work very well.
I do worry that scaling up the drone could have other side effects though, like its surface area increasing, thus also potentially effecting physics calculations.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


I also wondered whether changing the world to meters would work for this? But am also unsure about the ramifications of changing that.