Scale Gizmo/Widget on all axis

Often parent a camera to an empty actor for easy dolly/pan movement, just scale the empty actor and the camera dollies, except when the scale widget/gizmo doesn’t allow scale on all axis.

I can keyframe curves to accomplish the result, but it would seem the widget only works some of the time.

Any way to make sure the scale widget/gizmo always scales on all 3-axis?

maybe check if uniform scale lock is turned on?
although it’s probably easier to just animate the camera’s transform

Yes, it’s weird. Uniform scale is on. And when I try and scale it works fine, until it doesn’t, instead, it grabs 1 or 2 axis and not all three.

So am I alone in having a glitchy user experience when using the scale tool? Does it work correctly when in orthographic views and when the axis is directly aligned with the viewport perspective?