Saving UPrimaryDataAsset's on dedicated server

Hi All,

I couldn’t see much about other people doing this and I just wanted to see if I was on the correct track.

With a dedicated server, when a player logs on if they are new, on the server I’m dynamically creating subclasses of a player UPrimaryAsset class I’ve created with core player information using the players unique id from the subsystem as a key and writing that to server side disk RPC via player controller from game instance then calling gamemode to write it. I’ve got the asset manager monitoring that directory. The only thing the client is authority for is the uniqueid from the subsystem log on rest happens server side.

Then when they log in in the future I can just use the asset manager to load off disk that if it exists and overwrite the file if they change details etc. I’ve overridden the code asset manager with my own as well to manage the ID’s

If I want to scale it out over multiple servers I can just replicate where the assets are stored outside of unreal and map any other servers to the same location also I can make sure that is backed up etc.

This feels easier safer and quicker than messing about with databases and rest API’s etc for stuff that’s not changing loads.

I was just wondering it that was a common design pattern people are using, searching around seems to be all about rest api’s databases etc. which seems slower than just storing it locally and replicating it behind the scenes.