Saving problem in 4.11 and 4.13


I support a Game Art course of 200+ students at De Montfort University. I am witnessing multiple corruptions of umap and uasset files caused by unsuccessful saves. The students are allocated space via a mapped drive, this has a storage quota attached. The corruption of files happens regularly when they reach the limit of their quota. Rather than Unreal Engine stating the save was unsuccessful, there is no feedback and the assumption is usually made that the save was successful. Upon opening the project again, it is then found that the project will crash for various reasons depending on what the software was saving at the time it ran out of space. This sometimes manifests itself as the software stating the level was created using a different version of the software (when it wasn’t), or I will have to sift through the crash logs to find which asset files are corrupt and replace them from autosaves.

I should note that we restrict the version to two updates per year, hence working with 4.11 and 4.13 so far.

Could someone please look at the mechanism for saving and perhaps introduce a verification process?


I had similar issues a long time ago when saving projects to a cloud service when the map was uploading and probably couldn’t get accessed. I posted a bug report but was basically told “don’t do it as it can cause corruption”.