Saving of StreamingLevels?


I am currently looking into Streaming Level with the help of the WorldBrowser. I managed to Setup everything so it Loads and Unloads correctly only with one problem.
For Example

  • Load in Level when walking through trigger
  • Change State of a Blueprint in that Level
  • Unload level when walking through trigger
  • Load again when walking through trigger

After that the Blueprint is changed back to its original state and is not saving.

Which is somewhat logical because I am not saying to “save” the level or the State or each Blueprint. But how do I save something like that?
Or in general how do I save anything without using C++, because I want to create a Blueprint only Game as kind of a challange.
I only see like “Create Save Game Object” / “Does Save Game Exist” / “Save Game to Slot”. Which is fine I guess even I have no idea how to use it but It more seems like it is for saving everything and might take some time. And I don’t want to “Save” everything when Unloading a Level and I think this also might not affect the Blueprints (Only if I create Bool Variables for every Blueprint Component to save its current State).
Other than that I don’t know really how I could save something like that. I would like to have every Object/Blueprint in the persistant Level but that would be a huge Performance Problem for me to have everything in one Level.
So I thought StreamingLevel would be the solution for that, but yeah as I said, no idea how to save that.