Saving level double times problem

firstly im sorry if i open topic under wrong segment . Im using 250 ssd and 2 tb hdd .my project on hdd but everytime when i add new things on my project somethings happening on my ssd too .
My project about 112 gb right now (i can see it in my hdd) , today i build light for preview and 10+ more gb used in ssd again .Before i start my project i had around 140 gb empty place for my ssd now i have only 20 gb and i didn’t finish my project yet . Is it normal or something wrong ? my project already on hdd , i dont know why unreal engine creating extra folders on ssd .Should i delete them from ssd ? i dont want to get risk after all my works but it seems if its keep going like this i wont have enough space on ssd .Give me tip please


In engine settings you should change the path to your other HD.

can i delete them without lose anything from my project. I mean after change

You won’t loose anything from the project, but you will need to wait for the shaders and contents to re-compile.

Start by changing the directory within the settings and restarting the engine.
after the project opens and works, delete the original file folder, restart your PC, and try to open the project again.

At worse it will compile everithing to the same directory again. At best, you will have successfully moved the location to the storage drive so that your main HDD can’t run out of space from it.

im realy sorry for bothering you but i couldnt find how to change patch

The path?
its within the editor preferences, not project settings.
its listed under global settings since something like 4.18

Thank you soo much for trying to help me .I did everything as you say .all deriveddatacache folders copied on my other hdd .Firstly couldnt see my project on unreal but its not a problem i can open it with browse . After open my project everything was fine didnt lose anythings .I delete them from my ssd after restart pc and ue4 .Unreal engine just copied all folder on ssd again . i even try with batch file ( i mean BaseEngine.ini ) still not working for me .everytime when i open unreal engine its creating those folders again and again . Its actualy taking much time also .Whatever thank you again sir.

That’s odd. it doesn’t do this for me. could it be an issue with the engine version you are using?

using 4.23.1 .I search many things about it .No one is geting that problem .I dont know why but its all about my pc or some settings . i formatted my pc and i have enough space for now, thanks again for your replys