Saving a whole level and all the actors in it

With savegame blueprints you can save single variables, that i allready know. But is there a way to save a whole level with all the stuff in it?

For example in a game like mincraft when you build something or destroy a block, after entering the game again all the changes on the actors are still there. I do not know exactly how to create such a game but i would guess (if you would create this in unreal engine) every block is an actor that change its material and physics when you interact. For example when you destroy a block, the actor changes to no physics and a invisible material (air). If you know a easyer way to do this let me know please :D. But what i wanted to ask is how to save all these changes in a simple way. To do this for every actor alone seems a bit comlicated. Is there a way to save the whole level and all the actors and varaibles (transform, material, texture, etc) of this actors in a simple way?

Thank you for your help :)!

For that you would be going with Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh, or just making things with a lot of planes potentially.

Either way you need to save the transforms of all the elements within the instance and that becomes the value that you save. Then when you start the game again you respawn all of them

Yeah most online games and games like minecraft would store all the information in secure databases and load the information from the databases when a player logs in. If you’re talking saving a few changes you can make do with us in save game , game instance etc but if you’re talking thousands of actors, transforms, data to be saved there really is no other way than using a database structure of some kind. Unfortunately this isn’t easy to integrate into unreal but it is possible

One thing I’ve heard good reviews of is play fab this could be an option for you