SaveGame Default Slot?

I am following along with the documentation here, but when I select ‘Class Defaults’ in my custom SaveGame, there is no option to name the slot or specify user ID. Has this moved since the documentation was compiled?

You need to create the variables in your savegame blueprint.

Not only that but a .ini file to write them to and read them from. By this point your probably why a “.ini file”? well the answer is simple, in fact i have 3 answers:
1.You need to store variables
2.encryption and decryption prevents players from closing the game and editing the save data and making hack and slash work arounds through code to make cheating optional
3.encryption prevents players from writing code into the variables of the game causing it to crash when opened or worst, yet the hard drive of a windows pc crashing and going to a blue screen of death until the game and save file are deleted in safe mode on bootup(yes this means a experienced hacker can turn a save file into a code for a game to be turned into a virus whether or not it was his/her intention on doing so or just a cheat code that turned the game into a virus(no i do not ever do such things, i am just stating it is possible because there are youtube videos made by people out there bragging that they can do this and showing how they do this and how it works after the file has been modified))

I am familiar with writing to an INI file, however, it was my understanding that Unreal did something else with save slots, which is what I was interested in. We actually created a simple encryption method just to prevent the casual game hacking, furthermore, all save variables are stored as strings and imported as strings then examined for string length, and certain other markers in key positions. If those expected characters are not found in the correct spots, it dumps the string and writes a new save file.

I dropped in variables, but the option is not popping up that is present in that documentation. I just grabbed Rama’s Victory plugin, so I am going to see what I can do with that.