Saved Level Info

I’m not at making this part of my game yet, but there’s going to be a part where the character needs to go into level B (just an example name) from level A and then later go from Level B back to Level A. My first thought is to simply use an Open Level Node for Level A but I’m wondering if once I do that it’s going to start the character from where they normally start in Level A and not from where they entered level B. Am I overthinking this or what would be the logic or best way to do this?

You could have a “Game Instance” where you keep the data stored on where you enter / exit the levels, as the game instance can store variables between level changes.

Can you show an example? I tried looking up info on game instances but i can’t find a good example for what i’m trying to do.

Im not on my computer, but you can use the gameinstace like any other blueprint. Just make a variable for your location point where you leaved the level. The same in your player blueprint. If you reached the point cast the vector to your instance. After you load the level again, read back the var