Saved Data Won't Transfer Over to New Level


I have been working on a save & load game feature for my game and I want to transfer data from one level to another level. For example, when I start my game and I shoot and lose ammo, health, hunger, etc. and than I go to the next level, I want to keep the same values as the last level like the ammo, health, hunger, you get the point. Here is my current bp setup:

If anyone would be able to help me that would be great!

Thrillride Games

Right off the bat, I don’t see anything wrong with your blueprint setup. Perhaps you need to add a small delay after saving, before you load the next level. <- Just an idea.

That’s not the only problem I am having. It won’t even save any values. Even if I save the values from the first level and than load the first level up again it doesn’t keep the previous values so I don’t know what to do. Do I have to add something somewhere else? Maybe it’s not an actual problem with what I have and I am just simply missing something.

Have you considered just using the game instance to store the data? It’s a lot less work than saving and loading the data each time you load a level