Save/Serialize Animation Blueprint State


I try to implement a save/load system for animations. I work in a project were we have an animation blueprints and want to be able to save/load a particular animation state, pose, current state machine state, blend space states, transition states, etc. Is there any recommended way to go about this? I have been thinking about modifying the existing animation nodes (means modifying the engine) or alternatively create new animation nodes (more or less copy paste, almost like modifying the engine, at least maintenance wise). My feeling is that not enough members/methods is exposed to achieve this without modification in some form.

I also though about saving just the pose, but we have a very complected animation blueprint with root motion, sometimes with long animations (several seconds), so the current state (pose, blends, transitions, etc.) really affects the output a lot. I guess other games must have had similar issues in the past, when it comes to saving animation states.

Any thoughts or guidelines would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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