Save procedural calculations to a permanent BP variable


I am doing heavy math in a widget BP, i.e. creating a long float array that I need for further widget functionality. However, no matter what happens to the widget, the numbers in this essential array will always stay the same. So in order to save performance, I would like to have this array as a normal/common BP variable. I CAN print out all the values and manually create a float array, but I was wondering if I can do it in any other way.

I know, I could save the array in the game instance and load it every time I re-create the widget, but this requires the calculations to run once and frequent loading.
I could print the values and copy&paste the values in csv, but how can I get them to a BP variable then? Yes, with a data table, but can’t I turn them into a normal variable?

Any thoughts are welcome! Thx in advance