Save point device stopped working on fortnite creative

My save point device is not working how it was before.

I am on an adventure game map and i need it to save resources items and to keep all on class switches so that players can increase their base damage/health with keeping all resources/inventories/etc

There isn’t an option to keep all items when class changes( which we REALLY need an update for this,especially for these types of game modes )

But i tried loading and saving player via channel when switching to class on class selector and it was working properly untill now that when i change class i no longer keep items/resources or sometimes it changes back to a lower class.

Also when i respawn i do not spawn with my loadout for class 1.


Now all of sudden it’s all messed up,iv tried for over 30+ hours playing with the device and fixing back to the way i had it working and now i can’t.

This can all be fixed if you can simply add a keep all option on class selector,we only got 2 options,clear all items and clear all class items,we need keep all.

Also sometimes when i spawn at game start i dont recieve my class 1 loadout(it is on default class 1 on my island) and spawners are any class.

Also when i teleport i also lose loadout/resources even when save point is available.

Save point device says save loadout i had it on and it doesnt saves because class selector is clear all/clear class items only,i had to manually put on events to load/save player but then it gets bugged and reverts to other classes after 2-3 seconds.

Can staff members improve adventure game modes in creative by simply being able to spawn with their class 1 loadout,keep all items on class switches from class selector and have the save point device save with no bugs??(example teleporters,i do not want to lose all on teleported)

@TwitchIRENDIS Thank you for your report! We would like to look into this further, would you be able to submit a bug report using the form available here? Fortnite Creative