Save me! Rotate StaticMesh All Directions Around Its center By Mouse Delta

Hi bro!
I researched many threads to rotate a Mesh All Directions Around Its center By Mouse Delta, and implementation like:

***** Mesh *imported into UE4.25 with pivot Bottom, Center


float DeltaX, DeltaY;

Controller->GetInputMouseDelta(DeltaX, DeltaY);

DeltaX *= -RotateSpeed;
DeltaY *= -RotateSpeed;

FRotator MakeRot = FRotator::ZeroRotator;

MakeRot.Yaw = DeltaX;
MakeRot.Roll = DeltaY;

FRotator ActorRot = Actor->GetActorRotation();
FRotator CombineRot = FRotator(FQuat(MakeRot) * FQuat(ActorRot));


But with that implementation: **Mesh’s Location would change **when rotating Actor (Scene Root). It made un-smooth rotating.

Please help me! Show me your way please :frowning: