Save & Load RTS game world

Hi All,

I’m looking for a way to create Save and Load system (Blueprint or C++) for my RTS game. I have a lot of buildings (that have different stats and units works on those buildings), units, surrounding objects that dynamically changed on the map and I want to save this map and load it back.

Checking all tutorials I have found none of them explained how to work with load map (level) with all the objects and changes to those objects. I cannot find anything related to this topic and I’m wondering why no one ever posts such a topic as many games requiring this.

I have tried to tag all objects with tag ‘save’ and save them, however, after the restart all BP Actros are NONE in the save file.

I cannot believe that in order to save such a game I need to take every object and store it with all details: each building has a few units working in, a few production stats, levels, list of resources crafted, list of production items etc…

Please share your knowledge or findings on this topic.