Save / Load Game Player Location

Hi there - I’ve followed tutorials to setup a save/load game function within the Game Instance. As part of the Load function I want to Open the Level the game was saved on. I have an Open level node at the beginning of the Load function, then a set player location based on what was saved. However when loading, the player jumps from the saved location but quickly resets to the levels player start.

Has anyone else experienced this and/or could point in the direction of further tutorials that would help resolve?

I’ve tried moving the player start to the saved location but that doesn’t work either.

I think you’ll find you only have this problem with ‘play in editor’. Have you tried setting current camera location as the start point?:


Yes tried that, same result!

Have you tried to set the character location on BeginPlay()? I would bet the Game Mode sets location to a player start after it is loaded, so you should override the spawn location after that.

Thanks! Have been experimenting and read an article somewhere that it’s best to call a function to load all level data AFTER a beginplay event - otherwise the Game Instance data gets reset. It feels a bit odd though… not sure if there’s a way within the Game Instance to test once a level has loaded?!