Save Game Resetting Through Map Changes?

So I have a simple side scrolling shooter and I have a upgrade screen. you can go into the screen upgrade them, (and I have print strings up of the values). while on the “Main Menu” map. its getting the upgrade levels and applying them to the save game. If I close it and reopen the game still there. go back and forth from upgrade screen to main menu. stays there! Press the play game button, loads into first map, and the upgrades have reset in the save game blueprint. As you can see in the pics in the debug stats, that the save game upgrade level stays there the whole time till it hits the loading screen of the next map.

Salutations Shotty46290,

This is quite strange indeed! I recently learned how to use the save game system and maybe can give a few things to check for.
I would check to see if your levels beginplay overwrites the save game system instead of first checking if one already exists and loading the existing one.

If no one else answers before this evening I’ll take a few screenshots of how mine is set up.

My levels have nothing it its begin play. My levels have nothing it their blueprints. They are all clean slates.

And the player checks to make sure it has a save to pull the stats from at his being play, which it does perfectly if I close the game and reopen it in the menu