Save Game Issue After Installation Cook !

Hello Dear All,

After packaging, save and load working good but i used ‘inno setup compiler’ to making project single installer for size decrease and **EULA **aggrement etc. Project working after installation very well but i can’t save and load my game anymore, i checked the project folder and there is no saved game folder and realise file system pretty different if you would like to compare with the packaged project !

Do you guys have any experience this kind of issue ?

Thank you & Regards

Any idea guys ?

I know this post is very old but If anyone is having this issue in the future it is most likely because the .exe needs to be run with administrator privileges to be able to create the files.
In my case I am using Inno Setup and I have two options:
I can make the installation run with administrator privileges, than require the user to run the game as administrator too, or I can use the following line of code in the .iss file


that makes the installation not be done with administrator privileges, so it is installed only for the user and thus they won’t need admin privileges to create the save files.