Same UV scale for modular pieces

Hello Epic community,

I am a bit confused with proper scaling for modular pieces. I want to make both pieces (1 wall with window, 1 wall without window) the same scale, so texture will be seamless. What is the best way to make the same scale UV for static meshes in 3ds max? Thank you for your advice

With all respect

if I understand you right you should google Textools and texel density

Thank you for advice!

Also I have found some solution. I have attached all modular pieces into one model, and assigned unwrap modifier, there I have scaled all UV islands and snapped them to grid, then detached each part. Looks like solution is working =)

Hey Wozner,

Sorry for the delay in response. I see you’ve got a solution going now. If you’re having trouble or need some help let me know and I’ll have a look.