Same project work fine on windows, but crashes on mac

Max system: Os X (el capitan) 10.11.4.

Unreal engine version: 4.10.4

Crash report is in attached file.

Hi StrongSoul,

Looking through a number of crashes you are experiencing on our crash reporter site, none are identical, but most allude to a problem with “FText Format”

If you are purposely using this in your project on the PC, a new solution will need to be found for the Mac version. If Ftext is inadvertently being used, rebuilding your project in XCode will likely resolve this issue (provided this is a code project).


I tried rebuild project in xcode, reinstall engine, compile engine source code.
My project still crash.

And I find some thing.

My project can launch if I set editor start map to be null.
But editor crash when open any map.

I find a blueprint file more than 7M in my project.
All map can open If I open the buleprint first.

It’s stack overflow.
Modify DefaultStackSize fix it.

Thanks for posting your solution… I have converted this to the answer which will likely help others with the same issue in the future.