Same event twice (should be simple T_T)

Ok, so I have something that I would have figured would have been simple. I have my player object, and have added a modified movement script (where speed is independent of looking up or down, as well as a grappling hook like gun thing). Right now I’ve got a grappling hook like thing (probably should be a weapon or some other item then the player object specifically I guess) and I’d like to have it do two possible hooks, one left and right that happens when you left click or right click, and then clicking again removes the hooks being fired. As you can guess, after firing them, both hooks pull you toward them. I need both of them to be able to run on the tick event to see if they have been fired, and if so, pull towards where the hook hit. This works with either the left or the right hook individually, but I need to use the tick event to check both the left and the right, but I can only create one tick event.

Anyone know of a way to get multiple tick events? Do I somehow have to make a “grapple hook” gun/item and have two of them equipped to have both check the tick event? It’d be nice to be able to just drag out a second tick event or have the same event go down multiple pathways (split the event?). Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Have you tried using the branch nodes for this? Check if right click, else do this.

The thing is, I need to to be a toggled on/off state, and just have the click events toggle the boolean. This works fine, but the check event every frame (used to move the player) needs to check both booleans at the same time, and to my knowledge, there’s no way to split the event trigger. T_T

Can you take a picture of the graph you’re having issues with?
Can always do a ‘Do Once Only’ node too…

-_- I figured it out… I just wasn’t thinking. While explaining my problem to my brother the solution popped into my head. I wasn’t remembering that it can receive multiple events, so all I had to do was run the secondary check on true (after running all the left click stuff) or false (skipping over the left click stuff). It is still annoying that you can’t have it just use two tick event objects.

I also found a different more inefficient way of triggering a delay of .01, and having it loop back to start the delay again at the end of the right click stuff. This worked, but I’m sure it being done a lot would have made things stupidly slow.

Couldn’t you just have a sequence off of the tick event and check left then right? I do that quite often and it seems to work fine. Obviously, you run the risk of killing performance if you do too much of that, but I’m doing simple games (board game ATM).