Sailing Ship Characteristics

Using a 3rd person Sailing ship I want to give each ship individual characteristics; speed, turn radius, HP, Cannon size etc. How would one implement this in blueprint? Or does need to be done in C++? Any help would be appreciated.

I can’t imagine any of that not being blueprintable…

Cannon size…what cannonball it spawns is in blue print if you use a projectile system. Which then the cannonball would have the damage value in it’s blue print. Ray casting system you’d just pull particle effect and damage values from wherever they are store (ship or cannons)

For turn radius you’d probably just have set up a minimal forward distance per some amount of rotation… This one is only one that I actually have no idea to be honest. Just knowing what you can do with blue prints it doesn’t seem far fetched at all but I can immediately think of a way to do it…possibly a delay node on updating rotation?

HP is typically just a float. Each ship would have it’s own variable.