Sailing pawn blueprint attempt

Heya, so I’m wondering how I should approach an idea I have. I’d like to create a top down game with sailing ships, something that might eventually turn into a naval combat game ála 1700’s west indies.

So far I’ve just gone through a few tutorials on blueprints so I may still be a bit green, however I’m still doing this in a learning fashion =)

I’ve found this prototype on youtube, not mine, but it’s essentially what I want to try and achieve for starters:

Though never found any more traces of whatever that prototype was.

So! So far I’ve created a Pawn blueprint that I push forward with a “set physics linear velocity” function, and steer the whole thing with with an “add actor local rotation” function. This essentially makes my pawn slide roughly along the level floor and drop all speed once I let go of the input.

Is this the way to go? Or should one use another type of pawn/vehicle/player thing to achieve sailing? In the end I’d want speed to increase towards max velocity once sails have been raised and then gently lose speed as the sails are trimmed.

Anyone who’s tried something like this? Or could share some insight/tutorials? Only help I can find while looking/searching for ships are spaceships x)