Safe Passage Through Somnium - Soundtrack and Very Basic Menu

So I’m about 6 months into my project now and I just put together a basic main menu for my old school 2d/3d adventure RPG project called “Safe Passage Through Somnium”. I worked on the music and the logo design over the past two days and I am pretty pleased with how it all came together in the end and wanted to share.

The game itself is still using blocky placement art mostly (Alundra content, but some originals that may stick around), due to having many systems needing to be finalised before any serious artwork is created. I’m a visual guy though so I couldn’t stand working on raw systems with no visuals at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, it’s getting there… if my girlfriend doesn’t kill me I think I should be ready to begin constructing actual content in a month or two… (famous last words…)

Opinions on soundtrack/menu in this early juncture?