Ryse SoR and Splinter Cell Blacklist Style Hand to Hand

Hello I am working on a third person action adventure and would like to make a combat system with one button cinematic takedowns for stealth like Splinter Cell Blacklist and a combo system like in Ryse SoR for when in open melee. Any ideas how to make this happen in blueprint? Also how do I animate the fight sequences so that my character is actually interacting with the enemy? Any help is greatly appreciated thank you for your time.

Im a 3d artist so Im not sure about the programing side but as far animations goes…

all you have to do is to have animations with the character interacting with a model of the enemies, and make sure the enemies have similar or same size so the animation can be used for all of them the more variations of enemies you have the more you will have to animate.

you make each character animation in a different file (enemy and main character) you can have them both in the same file but just for reference them you save with only one of them in the file, and its very important to have their positions right, in games usually the character is transported to another position when the event starts (a trick is to change the camera for nobody to notice it) so they are in the right position for the animation. and them because they were animated together in maya, blender or max in game will look like they are interacting but is just that each one started their own animation.

you can see on splinter cell how they change the character (enemy or main char) to the correct position, the enemies also put themselves in the correct position (like have their back to a place the player can get them) so the transition become more seamless.
hope that this was clear enough

good luck

Thank you very much for taking the time to explain this.