RuntimeMeshComponent terrain with heightmap


I need to create a landscape with the new RMC and a heightmap.

Anyone knows a good place to start? Perhaps there is someone who already did this?

I haven’t used the RuntimeMeshComponent so far, but I implemented a similar system with the ProceduralMeshComponent source code 1.5 years ago. It should be relatively straight forward, iterate through all pixels and add two triangles per face. You should probably also look into sharing vertices between triangles. Another bit tricky thing is to get the normals right, because you have to look at adjacent faces and blend the normals.

Thanks for the reply.

Ive been trying to loop a heightmap file of like 100 x 100 px, however when i just want a 512x512 the loop is just to big… Do i miss anything here?

I think the free voxel terrain plugin has this feature. Open source.