Runtime virtual texturiing with Fuzzy Materials

Hey there. I try get virtual exturing running with fuzzy materials for assets from Quixel Megascan Library. I got it with the normal Default Megascan Material but not with the fuzzy one.
I took the material function from the normal one an implemented it into the fuzzy material. Now i can activate it in teh details, put the color/roughness/spec virtual material in the corrospondening slot and the height into the other one, but the color-rough-Spec is not showing. Instead i see whie white , where the virtual color texture should be.

Thanks for any help and greetings from Germany

I got it. the problem ist the shading model. Fuzzy uses cloth and with cloth the runtime virtual texturing is not working. When i change it to default lit it works fine. The differenc between cloth and default lit is okay in my scene so that is a good workaround for me.
Greetings from Germany!