Runtime Generated Minimap/2D Map

Hello Community !
For a project I need to create a minimap / map on runtime. As players will be able to add items on the map, and create their own levels !

To quickly explain the project, one player will have an interface with the map/plan in big, and a little window with “security camera like” render. So I need to have the map, and the 3D render of the level.

So I don’t want to let them have to draw a 2D on photoshop, paint or whatever …
I found out some solutions, but I don’t know which ones are really achievable. So here is what I found out :

  1. Make a screen capture of the level with orthographic top view ! (But it don’t work at the moment that you have a roof ! As the game will be more interior maps, then … not this one)
  2. Draw a map on paint (but as said before, it’s not what I’m looking for)
  3. Draw a map at runtime, if each component that need to appear on the map have a component attached that say “Render me as a line, or a box, or a texture”, it’s possible when the level has loaded to draw that kind of texture I think. (With managing texel density depending on the size of map compare to the texture resolution)
  4. Add on each component a Paper 2D sprite, and render it in the level (so the synchro ith other players transform is really easy !) But, how to still have 3D render !

So I mainly retain the third and fourth solutions !
But I’m kind of stuck on how to achieve the 4th ! And for the third I’m not sure how to draw whatever I want in a texture.

Thanks for help in advance !