Running Unreal from visual studio crashes my entire comptuer

Hey I have been using unreal fro a university project, and it was going great till about two months ago I had a issue. Where sometimes and only sometimes, when I run unreal from visual studio it freezes my entire computer takes all input away from me and forces me to restart to fix it. I have looked on the internet and been searching since and I have had no luck fixing it, here is my dxdiag if this is needed.

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 10240) (10240.th1.160104-1507)
Memory: 12288MB RAM
Processor: Intel(R) Core™ i7 CPU 960 @ 3.20GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
DirectX Version: 12
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip type: GeForce GTX 770
DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC
Device Type: Full Device
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1184&SUBSYS_325519DA&REV_A1
Display Memory: 10166 MB
Dedicated Memory: 4026 MB
Shared Memory: 6139 MB
Current Mode: 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (60Hz)

if someone can shed some light on the error or bug I would be very grateful.

Thanks Steven

Anything in Windows Event Viewer that could shed some light on the error?

Nope that was a good idea but I just checked it and it has only got the unexpected shut-down on there.

This is very strange… Does this happen while normally opening visual studio or just when opening a UE4 project? If it just happens when you open visual studio in a UE4 project, see if it is possible upon restart to read the UE4 error/event log, and see if anything weird is going on.

Yea thanks for the suggestion but I have a custom liquid cooling loop and my processor never get above 40 degrees (I am very hot about that), I also change the thermal paste every month. so I don’t think it is hardware related in that aspect.

If logs tells anything it means it’s not crash of OS Kernel but hardware related or something on BIOS level. That might be CPU termo protection kicked in, some of them insted of shuting down they halt CPU (which obviously result in freeze) leaving power on, probably to make fans cool down CPU quicker.

Check the temperatures, if they too high you need to check the fans and if termo paste didn’t dry off (i recently had same problem myself and also had mystiries frezzes)

It happens when I run visual studio which should run the editor but if it compiles the code, and starts running the editor and crashes. I will have a look at the logs next time it happens.