Running RunUAT.bat to package my plugin just deleted all files on my desktop - months worth of work

I went to go package my plugin again and set the output directory to my desktop, when i ran it it removed everything from my desktop that is not a shortcut and even some shortcuts are gone. The files are not in the recycle bin nor anywhere on my drives that can be found. I restarted my pc out of hope and was met with the windows setup option (after entering in your pin to login to windows) asking to do just general basic setup (skipped it) but still no luck. Has this happened to anyone else? I literally lost months of work (well over 5 months worth of assets/code/other random data that i need). I have no clue what to do, I dont have a restore point/backup, am I sol?

edit 1: Just checked i do have a restore point a few days ago so its not to horrible thankfully. im going to do another test with it and confirm that it is due to the .bat file that caused the files to be removed, if so i think thats a pretty severe issue no?

edit 2: Still no luck, restore point did not backup the files on my desktop other than a few misc ones.

You can open the .bat file with notepad or notepad++ and check what command might have done that, if you’re wondering what exactly the .bat file did. Most likely there’s a command there to clear the target directory.

If the Windows restore option doesn’t do anything, then you can try some restoration software, but it depends on how much you’ve done on the computer since then, files don’t actually get deleted until the space is needed so some files can be recovered but if you’re doing a bunch of stuff on the machine that might write new files then some things could be gone permanently

tried restoration software and it gathered only the stuff that i didnt actually need as it was all old random stuff. i havent done much to it since the restore/issue happened and nothing new has been written since then either which is odd. i did a complete search using cmd to scan my entire c drive for some of the files i knew existed and no luck. i looked through the batch file and didnt see anything in there about deleting anything so im guessing one of the programs it runs ended up doing it

it also now seems it unregistered my 4.25.3 eventhough everything is in there and is the full 90+gb so now i have to go through and recompile it as well

edit: just did a test and whatever folder you put as the output directory it will completely remove all files there without warning before packaging your project/plugin, i think its part of the automation tool that does it but i havent checked. theres nothing in the batch file about it.