Running into the sky sphere using world browser streaming level

I’m having an issue with my sky sphere in my level using world browser streaming tiles. Everything seems to be functioning fine for me, but when traveling far enough I actual run into the sky sphere and go through it.

My Sky Sphere is in the persistent level, but it doesn’t seem to update and move at all when the origin shifts. Are there any special flags I need to set on it? or do I need to do something different to prevent this from happening?


Additional note: “Ignores origin shifting” is set to false on the sky sphere

You need to set “Ignores origin shifting” to true on a sky sphere. So actor will not be shifted when world origin is rebased. In this case player will never reach bounds of a sphere.

Oh, I guess that makes sense no doesn’t it?! I misunderstood the explanation of how that flag works. Thanks!