Running a function from a blueprint of a different class


I have class UChest with public void function setNode():


/** Change Value of Single Pin */
    UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "HapticVest")
        void setNode(int node, bool value);

And object HapticVest uses this code.
Then in TriggerBox object I would like to do this:

Now I try to drag in my HapticVest as the target but it complains and says “Actor object reference is not compatible with Chest object reference”

What do I do?

Thanks for any help,

You have to Cast the Other Actor to Chest and then you will be able to connect to Target ( if casting will be success, you overlap Chest actor )…

Chest isn’t an Actor. ( “UChest” )

Just make *SetNode *static (static void setNode) so you don’t have to tell where the node is called from.

Yes, good point with U . Note for myself: Don’t respond after midnight :smiley: