Run on server never gets called

so I have a possessed, client-controlled custom character and in its blueprint on event begin, I am trying to run an event that’s set to run on server and be reliable. on the run on server event, I added a switch authority, and all the logic is dragged off from the authority pin. as far as I know this should run the function on the servers game instance when a new player joins and is spawned. however, a print statement shows me it never is called when new players join, only on the first frame when the server owner creates the server and is the only player in it

after a month of constant bug fixing… I still haven’t gotten it to work, and no help here which isn’t much surprise, now from looking over other peoples questions and answers I swear most of you guys are stupider than I am so as if some halfwit from unreal forums is gonna help me out with my question or even so much as ask for additional information