RTS Unit selection

Hi, im a quite a noob to unreal and am trying to make a rts like game and would like to know how to be able to select a unit that i can give instructions to. i have the camera sorted and also the mouse cursor is visible but cant find how to select actors in the level?

Well, the first step would be to add the “event: on clicked” node to your actor that you want to be able to select. Then whatever you want to happen after that can be scripted (I’m not sure what exactly you want to happen when it’s clicked)

HI, first of all thanks for the speedy reply ill try that out and see how far i can get.
the idea is that when i left click on a this actor (in this case a unit) it is then selected and afterwards i can right-click to move this unit somewhere on the map, also i was wondering about an outlining on the unit to see if it is selected/DEselected