RTS select and double click

Good day. I ask for help, I am learning to work with unreal engine 4 and actually trying to do something like RTS. I looked at how to make a camera and character controls. everything worked out. But when I started making my additions or changes, I ran into a lack of knowledge, and I can’t find information on the Internet. The essence is as follows: with a left click, I select a unit (character) and move it to the desired point with a right click, when I double-click on a character, my camera is centered on this character and it becomes active and you can give commands to move it. But with a single click on another character, it is also activated without removing the activity of the previous character. Please tell me which node or function to use so that with a single click, first there was a clearing (deselection of the previous character) and then the character that was clicked was highlighted again. Maybe there is a resource on the Internet where there is a description of the nodes and how they interact with each other?

There is no magic node. You have a logic problem here.

When you left click a character, the code needs to check if any character has been double clicked. If so, un-double click them ( take control away from them ).