RTS Marquee Selection

I am having some difficulty figuring out how to do an RTS style Marquee Selection in blueprints (where you click and drag to select units). I know in UnrealScript you could create Marquee Selection using screen-space bounding boxes(AKA: screen space boxes). Here are two links that give more info on what I am talking about.

This 2nd link is actually a PowerPoint

I’m having difficulty figuring out if this is possible to do in Blueprints. Maybe someone with more experience could enlighten me. If this way is not valid in Blueprints, then I am open to suggestions. The more info the better.

I’m trying to do the same. I got this far to where I could draw the bounding box using a blank texture. But the bounding box is useless because the method to convert screen space to world space doesn’t work correctly per my open answer hub ticket. I hope I’m just doing something wrong.