RT Blurred Glass


I’m trying to create blurred glass or milky glass in raytracing but can not find a way to do it. Clear reflecting glass is not a problem but having everything behind the glass to appear blurry seems to be impossible…


Want to show us how you have your frosted glass material set up?

I have made my own clear glass (the one in the middle). This is working. But right next to it is the one with the ULTRA glass texture from marketplace which suggests it is frosted but actually it is not really. The testimage behind it should be blurry. The other glass textures are done with normal maps. It should be great to control the blurriness of what is behind… Do you know how?

I see, on the thread below the 2nd post by **The_Distiller **he looks to have created a material to get the frosted glass effect. I’d say try and replicate it and see how it turns out.

Thread for Frosted glass: How to make "Frosted glass"? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Problem with that Glass is, it´s a post effect, and won´t work with raytraced translucency, and also won´t be reflected in raytraced reflections :frowning: