Rpg Caracter (Level Up) WIP

Hi guys. Im making “Character Sheet” with all kind of stats. Im soome kind of noob using unreal from the moment its free XD

Currently have Health; Mana; Stamina; wich are driven by basic stats your earn every time you level up. the stats for now works pretty well.
But now im facing to when the character gets enought XP he levels up and gets stat point.

For now im using gates and an array wich determinates the amount of xp needed to the next level

this is what happen every time the caracter level up

The cuestion is, Its this a good way to acheve that (actually works) but im wondering if theres any better way to do this?
Especialy thinking when i will want to load a character to continue from some point.

Also its probably better to store this apart in a function im right?

This is how it looks on the basic hud i made btw

I will just give some tips here:

You don’t need to use so many get nodes. Just use ONE and create a variable called “Index” of type “INT”. Set it default to 0 and plug it into the Index slot
of the get node. Now, everytime the player levels up, you just increment the Index variable by 1. That will save you lots of nodes, because you won’t
need the additional GET nodes of the array and the gates, as well as the sequence and the do once.

You can just do something like this:

(NODE: I didn’t set the new “XP Needed” for your HUD here because i was a bit lazy)

Also it would be easier to use one variable for your “XP needed to level up” and just calculate the new value. Like doubleing it or something that fits your needs.
Then you won’t need an array for that.

More advance it would also be possible to use Data Tables for that (google is your friend here).

The nodes you use for level up are ok.

Wow You just pointed me in the right direction!!! The gates idea came from logical thinking cause iv been unable to find exactly what i wanted. Now it uses 7 nodes in total than 5 per every exp level . Cheers.

I used Float cause i wanted to eaach level cost 150% than previous one. and cant multiply integer by 1.5. then i noticed on level 4 or five i started to get decimal so rounded it up by default to avoid that.

Iv been thinking about some easier way to automaticaly asign level values with array to store that info but its not realy necessary. Right now its easies that i would ever imagine.

Btw i checked the data tables reference but for now i dont need it. In future when i would like to have an propper experience curve its the way. Thanks a lot!

Wouldn’t it perhaps be easier to just multiply the needed XP by a percentage per level and keep the XP gain the same?

EG: XP Needed = (BaseXP * 1.2) * Level

I would then have each enemy of equal level to the player be worth a flat XP value, and if lower worth less and if higher worth more.

You could add a simple XP multiplier for harder(elite) mobs.

I’m glad i was able to help you. Feel free to ask me, if you have more problems regarding this topic (:

Y thx for the advice i will be improving the formula. to have some balance betwen mosters and the caracter. But before im more likely make an inventory system. and some “items” wich will affect the stats of the caracter.

Also for that task i need some First person hands. but for now the ones bulid into the engine ares useless for me as far as i could relize, i need some “empty” hands and most ive found have been with 1 roots for each arm (total of 2) so the engine detected it and gave me a warning that i would be a problem