[ROYALTY / UNPAID] Blueprint Programmer

Hello guys,
I am Blueprint programmer, with ~8 months of experience. I have been working only on my personal project, and I think it is time to try to work on something bigger. I don´t know what I really can or can´t do, thats why I am willing to work for Royalty or even for completely free. I´d prefer indie/small projects over big ones.

Examples of my work:
Chat system
I have some more footage I don´t really want to share publically. I can show it to you in personal communication.

Previous projects:
Hierarchy ->left because of lack of time (school)


Why don’t you want to share publicly? Are you not trying to sell yourself to a possible employer? I gotta be honest as a recruiter it has ****** me off to see people who want you message them before they show you something they made that may not be worthwhile. Honestly no one cares to “steal your code” or anything like that period. Don’t be this “idea guy” who will not try to sell himself with his own self worth and instead think their idea is worth millions when it’s not. You never want to shuffle your work away, you need to show it off to get peoples interest, I will not contact you to show me something that may not be good for my project and therefore have wasted my time.

Display your self worth; no one cares about your ideas only what you can do for them.

No need to be harsh. Straight and to the point always works.

Bump! I´m available again.

Hey, I currently need some help with BP, I have roughly 6 months experience and I have a crude prototype/starting point of my game.

A Game of Haunting | Multiplayer Horror Game

That chat system looks great! We’re currently looking for blueprint guys to help on our game.

If you’re still interested, please contact us at

It’s been months since his thread was posted but hopefully you may still be helping people out. I don’t think what I need is too much to ask for. I want to create a simple combat system and lock system. The project I am working on here is a link to the channela and facebook
my channel:

My Page : Seven Sins Oficial - Home | Facebook…?ref=bookmarks

my email: [EMAIL=“”]

Hopefully you can help, you probably won’t since this thread is so old