Royalty question

Hi everyone,
I am planning to use UE4 to prototype my game designs for the company that I work in. The company however uses an in house proprietary engine (which is built from the ground up) though for game development.
The only way I will be using UE4 is to just build prototypes and show the idea to the management and the dev team and in no other way.

My question is,
Is the company required to pay royalties to Epic for using UE4 in this manner?

I want to clarify this before installing UE4.

Thanks in advance.

What a coincidence!! I too have posted similar question!!

Did you get a response about this situation from anyone?

Not yet… May be some time soon!!

Ok thanks for the heads up.


There would be no royalties due. Read the EULA, it’s pretty straight forward. If you are not distributing any part of the engine to customers, you aren’t subject to licensing the engine. If you took or reused code from the Unreal Engine (code from Epic, not custom code you wrote), then they would have to look into licensing.

Hi ZacD
The definition for “Product” in the EULA was what confused me.

Product” means any product developed under this Agreement that is made using the Licensed Technology or that combines the Licensed Technology with any other software or content, regardless of how much or little of the Licensed Technology is used.

The sentence in bold is what we drove me to ask this question on the forums. Since I am using the engine to prototype, I was thinking that what content (Prototype) I developed using UE4 will be susceptible to the royalty fees.


You aren’t actually using anything of UE4 for the project so you wouldn’t owe royalties.

Hi darthviper107,
Thank you for the clarification.
Also thank you ZacD for helping me solve this question.


@jkrock3d I think you have your answer.


Yes Stanley, I got some Clarity!