[Royalty] Looking for Programmers and Artists

Project Title: N/A

RTS-Game with a collectable card database to pick Units from. Similar to “EA Phenomic’s Battle Forge” but with more Upgrade Pathes and less base Units. The Artstyle and Enviorments aren’t set yet. I had the idea since Battle Forge closed in late 2014 but started write it down in late May.

  • Single Player & Coop-Story
  • PvP Mode with Ranking
  • Highly adaptive strategic aspects
  • Top Down View
  • Collectable Cards
  • Cosmetics

Team Structure:
Kilian (Project Lead)
Project Management, Game Design & 3D Artist - Since Day 1.

Previous Work:
N/A - first Title

Talent Required:

Programmer (1-2)

  • Ability to create a basic Game Mode & Core features
  • Create a basic Server
  • Experience with UE4 Blueprints

3D Artists (1)

  • Experience with a 3D Programm of your Choice
  • Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
  • Ability to create seamless Textures

3D Character Arist (1-2)

  • Ability to create Units with reasonable Polycount
  • Create Textures
  • Super Bonus: Rigging & Animation experience

*Story Writer (1)

  • Ability to write a playable Story
  • Good Grammar (better than mine)

Aditional Note:
I’m (Kilian) working on this as a Side Project. I currently Study 3D & Animation and have a part time Job.