[ROYALTY] Hearts of Violet

Project Title:

Hearts of Violet



Hearts of Violet is a First - Third Person Hybrid game set in a Futuristic Utopic City, where all the citizens were selected to be part of one the “Pillars of Society” such as Engineering, Medicine, Justice;
The game will be focused on the exploration, but there will be a third person melee combat system, just as some platformer elements.


  • Deep and Detailed Storyline;]Unique First / Third Person Dynamic System;]Smart and Unique Level Design;*]Visually Stunning Art Direction;

Team Structure**:**

Luiz Gustavo Santana
Game Designer / Project Leader

Previous Work:

Talent Required:

Sound Designer [2]

  • Design a variety of sounds to populate the internal and external levels. *]Work directly to the Game Designers to implement the sounds. *]Native / Fluent English speaker is a bonus. *]Communicate by Skype.

Concept Artist [1]

  • Ability to create concept art based on the game ideas. *]Self Motivated and determined to produce quality content. *]Native / Fluent English speaker is a bonus. *]Communicate by Skype.

Story Writer [1]

  • Experience Constructing meaningful dialogue in a game environment. *]Ability to produce a solid, yet flexible plot that ties in, and expands upon our existing gameplay and story content. *]Native / Fluent English speaker is a bonus. *]Communicate by Skype.


Hearts of Violet Website


  • Please send a CV or a link to your portfolio (if applicable) and any relevant writing, unreal past projects and concept samples you have, to:


Skype: Primal-Man