Royalties requirements

What are these requirements ?

The FAQ has answers to your questions … waves hands

Check the “Releasing Products” section.

There is also this link: Unreal Engine 4 Commercial Game Deployment Guidelines

What happens if you don’t pay the royalty?


(Alt link:

So yeah, You might not want to break the trust Epic Games is putting in you.

If you miss some small amount due to money conversion and rounding number is that problematic ?

If the Royalties percent was subject to change , would that be appliable to your game that have been out before and that was applying 5% Royalties?

Are there some people from other countries outside US that already pay the 5% ?

Shouldn’t be. You’d just email them when you remember / When you’ve fixed your accounting. I’m sure Epic will make sure you get the numbers right.

If the percent changes, it wouldn’t be retroactive, It would be going forward from that point. But I honestly don’t ever see it changing.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Serious companies like Epic always first try to solve any misunderstandings or accounting errors in a cooperative fashion. Legal action is a last resort.

That’s good to hear, it looks safe for small companies and small developpers.