Rotation precision issues

Hello everybody!

I ran into a quite severe problem today. I am currently working on a modular toolset for creating hallways and rooms with blueprints.
I noticed that even though all of my assets snapped perfectly to each other when placed by hand, objects placed through the construction script did not align.

I figured out the issue: a 90° rotation translates to ~89.999962° (when placed by hand). So I adjusted all instance transforms of the blueprint and now it sticks together perfectly.

I realize that there are floating point precision issues in computing however I wouldn´t have thought that it has such a big impact, namely pretty noticeable gaps between objects.

So my question: Is there a general way to avoid this (especially when you rely on light baking where small gaps can mess up your build) or is that dependent on the situation? Did anybody ran into similar problems before?

Thanks in advance!