Rotation is completly messed up?

Well long story short, when converting a component to another components relatives and them making the component face with their z axis to the component you converted to the others relatives. The component who faces with their z axes to the other component is doing it really weird leaving me with a lot of questions. apperently instead of setting the y axis to -, unreal prefers to set the z axis to 180 and then setting the y axis to 90 again what basically comes to the same thing but when u want to put in a “RInterp To” node it makes the whole thing swirl instead of snapping back which is pretty retarded. Also when completly disabling the Z axis it acts like a lever where u can pull it down, but when u push it up it basically goes down, so 90 is 90 for unreal even tho there is a -90 apparently. anybody else got that peoblem?

The way around this is to parent your twisted object into a scene component then rinterp the scene component instead.

thank you will try!