Rotation Building Blueprint Concept, Kind of Working

Stuff Used:

What these should do:
When Assign Key 1 is pressed it opens Rotation Widget
The Rotation Widget should have the Rotation Row Widget
*Inside the Rotation Row Widget it populates multiple Rotation Select Widgets that I set in Character Blue Print
*The Rotation Select Widget Icon is blank unless assigned to a Skill Blue Print
When Rotation Select Widget is Selected it should open Show Unlock Widget
*The Show Unlock Widget should be populated by Unlock Widget just like Rotation Row Widget but only Unlocked Skills that get s a reference form the Character BP
When Unlock Widget is selected, it’s characteristics is assigned to Rotation Select Widget.

When done when Assign Key 2 is pressed it should sequence from
Rotation Select Widget Varible #1 to ->
Rotation Select Widget Varible #2 to ->
Rotation Select Widget Varible #3 to ->
When Assign Key 2 is released sequence should stop and reset.

Example: Selected: “Stop -> Drop -> Roll” Pressed: True:Stop -> True:Drop -> Released: False:Roll, Reset

What works: When I hit Assign Key 1 it open Rotation Widget and it properly populated blanks.
The rest I can’t get working, can’t assign anything.
Any thoughts around this or easier ways to achieve such?