RotatingMovementComponent on 100 actors, awful performance

I am curious to know why the engine can’t handle something as simple as a rotating movement component on 100 actors and still have a decent FPS. I have something setup just like on Minecraft where when you drop an item onto the ground, it spins. The problem is that the FPS sits at around 8 with these items spinning, and that is simply unacceptable IMO. What can be done about this?

Well, after playing around with it, I decided that rather than rotating the root box collision, I’d just rotate the mesh, which is at the bottom of the hierarchy. Now while my PC does take quite a beating when first starting the game, I am able to have 750 rotating actors with only a 15 fps decrease, so much more satisfied now!

Were you using the provided rotating movement component for it that was causing the performance hit?

Yes, but I just changed the updated component to be the mesh lower down in my hierarchy, and now it is fixed :slight_smile:

I experienced this too, I suspect it’s because it’s not only updating the visuals but the collision primitives as well.

I actually ended up moving this to the vertex shader instead which made a HUGE FPS difference.