Rotating VR actor from camera position?

New user here… I’ve been working on some VR locomotion and it’s coming along quite well.

But one of the things I’m trying to do is allow the player to ‘grab’ the world and turn it around via their hand - which has kind of been implemented.

By kind of, I mean I apply rotation to the player’s VR actor… but that causes a rotation from the root of the actor - which is centered to the chaperone/roomscale boundaries, and doesn’t move with the HMD.

I’m actually using the OpenVR expansion plugin, which has been quite useful - but doesn’t provide me with a clearly visible solution for this issue.

So… is there any way of rotating the actor from the HMD location, rather than the roomscale center?

Frustratingly, I can tell that the idea works rather well when standing in the middle of the room - but makes me quite nauseous when standing out at the edges.

Also, it’s preventing one of the big reasons for its inclusion - which is the ability to walk to one side of the room and turn it around while facing the same direction, then continue walking forwards in the same virtual space. As it stands… I can turn and face the same direction… but I’ll inevitably be moved to the opposite side of the pivot - which is ironically, the same distance from the point I want to be as the far end of the room, meaning I can never move forward in virtual space with this method!