rotating the sun (directional light) using a Slider in a Widget

hay guys.
First of all I’m a NOOB so please be mindful of that fact when choosing the answer difficulty.
I’m trying to connect the sun (directional light) rotation to a slider in a widget, the problem is that i cant directly reference the directional light (sun) actor inside the widget graph where the slider is.

How would i go about referencing an actor inside a widget graph/blueprint so i could move/rotate that actor?

Hello! :slight_smile:

There are different ways to get access to the actors placed on the scene from your GUI. You can search for them on this forum or on the AnswerHub.

If you’re creating your UI and adding it to the viewport from the level blueprint then you can just drag the sunlight from the World Outliner to the level blueprint and then set your sun variable in UI Blueprint with it.